Emer Brennan

Cúpla Brewing Branding
Image Making, Visual Identity & Branding
February 2019–August 2019

This project stemmed from two different factors: I’ve always had an interest in the design of food and drink branding, and my twin has always been interested in brewing her own beer. Born in Dublin beside the Grand Canal, I felt that this area was the appropriate place to begin and to get inspiration from. It is the place that myself and my twin are from, the different patterns of the water, the various signs around the canal, both in English and in Irish (Uisce Domhain/Cosc ar Shnámh) the locks, the barges and the fact that the canal is the area where most young Dubliners go to drink. Drawing inspiration from the Irish language, the Grand Canal and the surrounding areas, I settled on the brewery name being Cúpla (meaning twins), and the beers being called Black Canal Stout and Red Brick Red Ale. Both beer titles are letterpressed, and the logo for Cúpla was created from brush strokes, mirroring the canal docks.

The Grand Canal, Dublin

This project is currently still in development.